Binary to Hexadecimal Converter

You can use this binary to hexadecimal converter online tool, you can just enter a binary number like 0101001001 into the input section.

What is the Binary number System?

The computer uses only two signals which are on and off, which are 0 and 1, and Binary Number is one numeric system, which uses two digits code, 0 and 1. That's why people also call it the base-2 system.

Binary Number Example:


What is the Hexadecimal Number System?

A hexadecimal number has ten numerical values 0 to 9 and alphabet values A to F. Every Number represents 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, A, B, C, D, E, and F in this number system. These are a total of 16 values, So hexadecimal has a 16-base system.

Hexadecimal Number Example:


How to use Binary to Hex Calculator?

Binary to hexadecimal calculator is too easy to use. Just enter your binary Number on the input section, and you will get your hexadecimal number (Answer).

Is it Hard? No, It's so easy to use. But you know how to calculate these numbers. Check below for more details and calculations.

How to convert Binary to Hex?

If you want to convert binary to hexadecimal Number . You can use our Binary to Hexadecimal Calculator. It's so simple to use. But if you want to know how to calculate binary to hex. Just check our steps, and you will know how to calculate binary to hex.

Before starting the calculation, you have a binary to hex table. It will be easy to calculate your values. So you check below.


Convert this binary Number to hexadecimal number

Step 1:

First, you want to check how many digits. So here are a total of 11 numbers. You have to write this number in groups of 4-4 from right to left. Like this…

Here the total is 11 numbers, in which you can complete it by putting a 0.

10000101101 = (0100) (0010) (1101)

Step 2:

Now check the table and get the values of the hexadecimal number.


= (0100) (0010) (1101)

= 4 2 D

= (42D)16

(42D)16 is the value of the binary number.

Example: Convert 10001110 to a hexadecimal

= 100001110

= (1000) (1110)

= 8 E

= (8E)16

(8E)16 is the value of the binary number.


Example: Convert 111011.111 to a hexadecimal

Notice that this binary number has a decimal point and cannot be automatically grouped in sets of four. You need to add 0’s both the leftmost and the rightmost parts.

= 111011.111

= (0011) (1011). (1110)

= 3 B. E

= (3B.E)16

(3B.E)16 is the value of the binary number.


Example:Convert 10100100 to a hexadecimal

= 10100100

= (1010) (0100)

= A 4

= (A4)16

(A4)16 is the value of the binary number.


Binary to hexadecimal Table

Here is the binary to hexadecimal conversion table.

Binary Number Hexaecimal Number
0000 0
0001 1
0010 2
0011 3
0100 4
0101 5
0110 6
0111 7
1000 8
1001 9
1010 A
1011 B
1100 C
1101 D
1110 E
1111 F

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